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by Shokz
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Color: Blue
A redesign of the popular Titanium model, the Shokz OpenMove headphones retain everything about the beloved predecessor and add some convenient new features.

Using bone conduction technology, the Shokz OpenMove headphones allow for open-ear listening. Instead of covering or filling your ear like traditional headphones, the Shokz utilize transducers placed next to your ear to send mini-vibrations through your cheekbones. This sends the sound directly into your inner ear, bypassing the eardrum, similar to how you can hear the sound of your own voice, or the crunching of your favorite snack.

With nothing covering or filling your ears, the Shokz OpenMove allow you to hear music and phone calls, while still allowing for complete audio awareness of your surroundings. Given a water-resistant IP55 rating, these headphones are designed to repel sweat, dust and, moisture, no matter where you're headed. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity gives them a wireless range of up to 33 feet, meaning it doesn't matter if your listening device is on your arm, in your pocket, or off to the side in your gym bag, you'll still get crystal clear sound. 2 EQ settings allow you to set-up your headphones for your most frequently used type of listening: Standard for music, and Human Voice for calls or audiobooks. Easy to locate and use controls let you skip, pause, play, back-a-track and answer calls quickly and easily, and 6 hours of battery life give you plenty of time to take calls or rock out to your favorite jams.

  • bone conduction technology for open-ear listening
  • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and multipoint pairing
  • IP55 rating - water and sweat resistant
  • 6 hour battery life
  • includes: Shokz OpenMove headphones, drawstring carrying case, USB-C charging cable