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Effetto Mariposa CAFFELATEX STRIP Tubeless Conversion Strips w/Valves

Original price $34.95 - Original price $39.95
Original price
$34.95 - $39.95
Current price $34.95
Caffélatex Strip is a very light, puncture-proof and transparent tubeless rim strip that makes tubeless conversions quick and easy. Sold as kits containing two rim strips and two 40 mm tubeless valves (2 wheels per kit).


  • Easiest way for tubeless conversion
  • Lightest tubeless rim strip in the market
  • Long lasting, can be moved from one wheel to another extended range of widths puncture-resistant

Available in different sizes:

Caffélatex Strip is available in three widths, two different wheel diameters each (26”/27,5” or 29”), for a total of six options. Sold as kits containing two rim strips and two 40 mm tubeless valves (2 wheels per kit):=

  • Strip S 26″/27,5″: 30 g
  • Strip S 29″: 33 g
  • Strip M 26″/27,5″: 36 g
  • Strip M 29″: 39 g
  • Strip L 26″/27,5″: 48 g
  • Strip L 29″: 53 g

The three widths are:

  • S (25 mm): for rims with external section between 20 and 24 mm;
  • M (30 mm): for rims with external section between 25 and 29 mm;
  • L (35mm): for rims with external section between 30 and 34 mm.
30 g for a Strip S 26"/27,5" make it competitive with tubeless tape (with a weight ranging between 9 and 20 g per wheel) and simply superior to old butyl liners (with limited strength and adding over 65 g per wheel).
Weights(*) for a single Strip, for each size are:

Max pressure:
Up to 7 bar (100 psi). Depending on rim width, Caffélatex Strip is easy to use for adventure road cycling and wider road tyres.

Highly resistant:
Made using a proprietary polymer blend, Caffélatex Strip has very high mechanical strength and resistance to punctures. It’s also very stable from a chemical standpoint and cannot be damaged by water or Caffélatex.

WARNING: using sealants containing aggressive chemicals or ammonia, or cleaning the rim with aggressive chemical products can damage Caffélatex Strip and may represent dangers to the user. We recommend using only Caffélatex sealant or Espresso inflate & repair cartridge with Caffélatex Strip.

Easy to use:
Caffélatex Strip is the ultimate tubeless solution for very difficult rims (aluminum rims with mat surface finishing or carbon rims with mould release treatment, where no tape sticks very long; rims with very deep channel, asymetric spoke-holes; entry level pinned rims where the junction is not welded).

Five easy steps for tubeless conversion, using Caffélatex Strip kit
To convert a rim to tubeless, simply remove the existing rim-strip, choose the appropriate Strip size (chart above) and follow five easy steps:

      1. Insert the provided Caffélatex Tubeless Valve in the Strip, so that the rubber base is in contact with the Strip
      2. Secure the Strip to the rim, tightening the nut on the valve stem. It’s important to push the valve base against the rim while doing so, to achieve a better air-tightness;
      3. Keeping the wheel with the valve at 12 o’ clock, finish mounting the Strip onto the rim;
      4. With a screwdriver or a similar tool, center the Strip inside the rim channel;
      5. Look at what you did and say “Wow, that was easy!”
Made in Italy