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The Effetto Mariposa Cog Brush is specifically designed to remove mud and dirt from chain and sprockets. Equipped with two different sets of bristles for a deep and detailed clean:
  • The Lateral brush is more extended and has short and dense bristles, ideal for cleaning the chain, chainrings and cogs.
  • The Tip brush is small but with longer and harder bristles, designed to reach the dirt inside the cassette in the spaces between the sprockets.
Featuring a functional handle that is curved and thin, shaped so that it can be slipped between the cogs and act against the mud deposited in the cassette (up to 10 speeds), thanks to the teeth in the lower part.
  • 2 brush design for detailed cleaning of chain, chainrings, and cogs
  • functional handle with teeth that can be used to clean out mud deposited between cassette cogs
  • Made of nylon, shockproof and resistant to solvents