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Effetto Mariposa GIUSTAFORZA PRO 10-60 Nm Torque Wrench

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$299.95 - $299.95
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With a torque range from 10 up to 60 Nm, the Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza 10-60 Pro is standard equipment of the best cycling workshops, and features state-of-the-art construction and reliability.

The Giustaforza10-60 Pro is ideal for components with the highest torque specifications (bottom bracket, cassettes). In use, always refer to the torque values specified on technical documents or printed on the parts themselves. For higher efficiency, this torque wrench features a reversible ratcheting head, with 3/8? square, and includes a 1/2" adapter.
  1. Unlock the wrench-end knob by gently pulling it, and set the desired torque value rotating the knob and reading the torque on the scale. After setting the torque value, push the knob back in place, to prevent unwanted changes to the set value while using the wrench;
  2. Depending on the threading of the part you want to tighten, push the square section bar through the wrench head to one side or the other, to set the ratcheting;
  3. Using the tool, a loud 'CLICK' and a 3° free-movement tells when the torque has been reached;
  4. Always set the wrench to minimum torque value after use.

Made in Italy