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When you’re dehydrated, your performance suffers, you become fatigued faster, and you can get cramps or headaches. ROCTANE Electrolyte Capsules deliver efficient electrolyte replenishment to supplement your hydration needs. Each bottle includes 50 capsules that are packed with electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, chloride) to aid in hydration by maintaining fluid balance and plasma volume.†

Roctane Electrolyte Capsule can be taken anytime you feel the need to replenish or prevent electrolyte losses due to exercise. They can be taken before, during, or after high intensity efforts.

Recommendations for Use: Electrolyte needs vary from person to person. If you are a particularly salty sweater, you might need to consider supplementing the sodium you're getting in GU Energy products with Capsules. Try 1-2 capsules/hour - always with a few sips of water - as needed to help replace electrolytes lost in sweat.
  • Quantity: 50 capsules
  • Certified gluten and dairy free
  • Banned substance tested