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by Muc-Off
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The Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit is perfect for any bike lovers. Complete with Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, Expanding Microcell Sponge, Soft Washing Brush, Detailing Brush, Claw Brush, Two Prong Brush, Bike Spray and Storage Tub, this kit has pretty much everything you need to keep your bike looking nice and tidy.

It also makes a great Christmas or Birthday gift for your bicycle obsessed friends and family.

This kit isn't style specific either. Whether you re into Road, MTB, Cyclocross or just ride to get from A to B, the Muc-Off 8 in 1 kit solves even the most annoying bike cleaning problems!Nano Tech Bike Cleaner for quick and easy cleaning
Bike Protect Spray for post-wash protection against rust & corrosion
Two prong brush is great for cleaning spokes and cranks
Claw brush is handy for scraping and mud de-clogging in drivetrains
Soft Washing Brush sintered bristle compound is designed to clean your frame and components while caring for delicate finishes.
Detailing brush is formed to get in tight areas like hubs, fork crowns, and suspension mounts
Storage Tub also makes a nice small parts washtub