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give us a call 1-877-242-4888

MKS GRAFIGHT-XX Platform Pedals : 9/16" BLUE

by MKS
Original price $47.99 - Original price $47.99
Original price
$47.99 - $47.99
Current price $47.99
A throwback to the early 80's, the MKS Grafight-XX are a remake of one of the first pedals to ever use synthetic fiberglass resin. This construction made them nearly half the weight of an alloy pedal, while being twice as ridged and strong. 21 molded protrusions in 3 shapes provide a stable grip, and the concave center design allows them to fit and grip shoe soles better. MKS's hand-adjusted cup and cone bearings allow for smooth rotation, and the labyrinth dust seal provides excellent water and dust proofing.
  • Body: Reinforced Plastic
  • Size: 102 mm (W) × 87 mm (L)
  • Step Area: Double sided
  • Bearing: CUP & CONE BEARINGS
  • Reflector: Installed
  • Weight: 440g