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give us a call 1-877-242-4888

Riesel Design RITZE Rear MTB Mud Fender : PURPLE

Original price $7.99 - Original price $7.99
Original price
$7.99 - $7.99
Current price $7.99
Whether cobblestones, asphalt or forest - who does not know adverse conditions on a training ride when it is wet or raining. The wheels become water jets and throw cold water wet directly on your body. Here you need someone to cover your back, and the rest of you!

For this reason, the company riesel design, developed the Fender “ritze“. The fender is made from high quality plastic. This material has exactly the right properties for an effective fender. Besides the main task of protecting the rider from adverse conditions the fender is extremely flexible and extremely light. Would not be riesel design if they didn‘t continue their “colour your bike“ philosophy with this product.
  • material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • weight: 17 g
  • designed for: roadbike, gravel bike, cyclocross and Mountainbike (XC, marathon)
  • includes: 1 pcs. mudguard