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The new SMP4BIKE BLASTER is based on the same COMPOSIT model but features a thin layer of padding across the frame casing giving a litle bit of give while offering excellent support. This model is the narrowest and lightest padded saddle model offer by SMP making it the top choice for racers and those seeking a flatter saddle design which still offers the unique and patented SMP central channel. Originally designed for MTB racers, this lightly padded saddle is an excellent choice for road racing and triathletes as well, and is best suited for experienced riders with a narrow pelvis.
  • Gender: Man, Woman
  • Sit bones width: from 9 to 11,5 cm
  • cover: leather (black, vintage brown), lorica (colors)
  • padding level: thin
  • padding: foam elastomer
  • casing: nylon 12+ carbon fiber
  • AISI 304 rail: AISI 304 stainless steel tube dia. 7.1 mm
  • Carbon rail: Unidirectional carbon fiber 7.1 x 9.0 mm
  • length: 266 mm ?ÿwidth: 131 mm
  • weight: With AISI 304 rail: 270 g - With carbon rail: 215 g
  • colors available: black, white, blue, red, yellow, green italia, Bianchi celeste, vintage brown, light blue, yellow fluo
  • hand made in Italy

About Selle SMP
In 1947, in a loft in downtown Padua, Martino Schiavon began a story full of tenacity, spirit of initiative and courage, bolstered by the strength of his own ideas. In 1979, the company moved to its new headquarters in Casalserugo. In 1995, production reached 5 million saddles and the internal R&D laboratory was constructed. 4 international patents accompanied the presentation of Pro, the first model of the SMP4BIKE saddles. Selle SMP's DESIGNED ON YOUR BODY philosophy was a trailblazer in the revolutionary concept of bicycle saddles.

Selle SMP, convinced that local productive fabric should not be deprived of the experience and skills gained through years of work and sacrifice, decided to continue production in Casalserugo to compete on the 100% Made in Italy innovation and quality level.

In 2005, The Journal of Sexual Medicine published the results of a study conducted by prestigious medical team: the scientific world officially recognized Selle SMP's superiority in promoting cyclists' health and well-being.

4 key features set the Selle SMP saddle apart and make it a truly unique experience, designed to relieve all pressure and numbness related to riding in the saddle.
  • The "Eagle Beak" tip uses a patented ergonomic design to offer greater comfort in a low position, and grants maximum freedom to shift the body forward towards the tip of the seat.
  • The central channel ensures that there is no compression in the perennial and prostate areas, and eliminates genital numbness and tingling by protecting the nerve and vascular structure and offering full blood flow to those areas. This results in greater ventilation and higher muscular fluidity and power.
  • The support area at the back of the saddle grants maximum pelvis support and stabilization. By reducing articular instability, less energy is wasted resulting in a greater push on the pedals.
  • Lastly, the rear depression is an ergonomic design built to protect the coccyx.

Featuring a patented rail design that allows for the maximum adjustment range while maintaining high lateral stability and offering the best in shock absorption.