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SIS Beta Fuel 60ml 6 Pack Orange

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What Makes Beta Fuel Special?

Beta Fuel Gel is a game changing gel made with a 1:0.8 Maltodextrin: Fructose ratio, providing?ÿ40g of carbohydrates.

The science behind this new ratio is genius! If you havenƒ??t taken a guess yet, it is actually formulated to reduce symptoms of stomach fullness and stomach upset.?ÿ

On top of that, this gel provides?ÿ30-50% more carbohydrates?ÿthan any other sports gel! New technology like that allows athletes to compete at their full potential without distractions or discomfort.

How did SIS manage to pull this off?

Science In Sports created a neutral pH, isotonic solution that allows the intestines to absorb the gel contents at an appropriate rate without drawing water into the intestines.

Usually that water is what causes an upset stomach, especially with super sugary sports gels.

Hence their brand name, Science In Sports!

What're the options?

Now, not only did they master the science behind gel products, but they also made sure it was yummy for consumption! SIS Beta Fuel Gel comes in three flavors: Orange, Strawberry and Lime.

You wanna know what the best part is? No artificial sweeteners!

The Feedƒ??s Fave: Strawberry.?ÿ

How to Use It:

These gels are ready for you to take on your next training ride, race, or event.

Theyƒ??re easy to carry around and even easier to consume.?ÿ

We?ÿsuggest taking one gel every ~30minutes during your workout,?ÿespecially when going over 90 minutes.

The earlier you can get on top of your fueling, the better.