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Tubolight EVO GRAVEL Bicycle Tire Insert 700C - One Pair

Original price $71.88 - Original price $71.88
Original price
$71.88 - $71.88
Current price $71.88
Since its introduction, Tubolight proved to be the winningest tire insert, and the only one winning in all cycling disciplines. Offering the best combination between flat protection, speed, shock absorption, stability and weight, Tubolight provides the highest level of safety and the lowest possible increase in weight.

Designed around 37c to 45c tires and internal rim width from 19mm to 25mm, The Tubolight EVO Gravel takes inspiration from the MTB versions, with fewer portion of the insert in contact with the tire, and a taller profile to increase smoothness on straights. The compound is harder, to match typical inflations of gravel setups.
  • weight: 33 g
  • wheel size: 700c
  • compatible tire width: 37-45 mm
  • compatible rim inner width: 19-25 mm
  • includes: 2 tire inserts
  • Valves NOT included