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give us a call 1-877-242-4888

Tubolito X-TUBO CITY/TOURING : 700x30-50c SCHRADER Valve

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$31.95 - $31.95
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Inner tubes are old hat in the cycling world: they've remained largely unchanged for decades. However, the fine folks at Tubolito have gone out of their way to update the most overlooked part of a bicycle. Made from a unique thermoplastic polyurethane, they've created an inner tube that's 2/3rd's the weight of a standard butyl tube with twice the puncture resistance.

The Tubolito X-Tubo-City/Tour was developed to meet everyday challenges. The new, even more resistant Thermoplastic material makes punctures impossible during normal use. This promise is backed up with a world premiere: a one-year warranty for all flats. Given its great robustness X-Tubo-City/Tour reduces the necessary of maintenance and allows worry-free rides. Available for 700C tires 30 mm-50 mm and ready for disc and rim brakes.
  • material: thermoplastic polyurethane
  • tire diameter: 700c
  • tire width: 30-50 mm
  • advertised weight: 139 g
  • valve: 40mm Schrader
  • brake compatibility: rim and disc brake compatible