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Wend Waxworks WAX-ON Chain Lube Twist-Up Chain Wax : BRIGHT WHITE

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Designed as the first ever “rub-on”, wax based, chain lubricant, WEND Wax-On not only keeps your chain clean, its friction reducing additives make for an extremely quiet and efficient drive-train.

It's not exactly news that the most effective chain lubrication to date involves dipping your chain in a vat of molten paraffin, but that's a lot of hazardous work for something so temporary. So WEND Waxworks set out to devise a way to apply a similar effect, that was easier, safer, and more manageable.

After 2 years of R&D, they're proud to introduce Wax-On. Using a sophisticated paraffin based formula that combines well-proven lubricants like Zinc and Teflon with proprietary friction reducers, Wax-On is simple, safe, and effective. Simply rub the wax onto the inward and outward facing chain rollers, massage it in with your fingers, and you're race ready in seconds.

The first ever "rub-on" chain wax comes in a full spectrum of colors to match, or highlight, nearly any bike.

"150 miles of dirt and gravel takes an extreme toll on chain lube, and once I tried Wend Wax I knew it would be the trick for getting through such a challenging day." -Neil Shirley, 2015 Gravel World Champion
    Directions for Use:
  • Step 1 - Rub Wend Wax-On across inward facing chain rollers
  • Step 2 - Rub Wend Wax-On across outward facing chain rollers
  • Step 3 - Massage wax in with your fingers
  • Step 4 - Lightly apply and massage Wend Wax-Off into waxed chain
    (this chemically melts the Wax-On, allowing for full penetration)
  • Step 5 - Allow 2-3 hours to dry before riding