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Original price $452.87
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Their ergonomics are even more efficient and effective, thanks to the new shape of the control body that allows for a comfortable firm high grip. The brake lever has now been redesigned to make it easier to reach in low grip, while still maintaining Campagnolo style and design. The position of the brake lever can also be adjusted so that it is perfectly within reach and suits cyclists’ needs, adapting to any kind of handlebar and any hand size. The absence of wires and cables makes it easy to install and the battery has an incredibly long life thanks to the very sophisticated firmware that manages all this component’s electronics. The new Super Record Wireless controls can be used for up to 2 years without replacing the battery. They can also be turned off, with a switch that is hidden but easy to reach inside the body of the controls. The LED inside the body of the controls acts as a visual alarm to indicate that the battery needs charging and the charge level can be checked using the MyCampy3.0 app. The shifting buttons are positioned on the brake lever to guarantee easy access for all cyclists, when pedaling with either a high or low grip. The shifting buttons are the perfect balance between force used and tactile feedback, allowing cyclists to feel when a gear shifts. They can also be customized using the MyCampy 3.0 app, associating them with the front and rear derailleur according to personal preference.

  • Improved ergonomics provide a more comfotable high grip, and easier to reach levers in low grip
  • Brake level position is highly adjustable for hands of all sizes and easily adapts to handlebars of all types
  • Ease of installation is increased through the absence of wires and a compact battery that lasts up to 2 years
  • In-body LED indicator warns of low battery and exact levels can be checked in the MyCampy3.0 app.
  • Customizable shift levers employ a fine balance between force used and tactile feed back for intuitive shifting
  • Multi-shifting compatible controls leaves the gearing decision up to the rider
  • *Rotors not included