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Effetto Mariposa CARBOMOVE Carbon Component Removal Compound : Aerosol 200 ml

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Effetto Mariposa Carbomove is an aerosol spray that acts as both an oil and solvent, designed to free up seized components. Using a formula that's safe on carbon, composite, and metal, Effetto Mariposa created Carbomove to help adjust or remove frozen seatposts, bottom brackets, and clip-on aero-bars. It even works on leftover decal adhesive!
  1. Section off the affected area (in the case of a seatpost, create a sort of funnel with masking tape)
  2. Spray an abundant amount of Carbomove into the area, to ensure it penetrates properly
  3. Let sit for several hours
  4. Check to see if the part moves. If not, repeat steps #2-4.

NOTE: The length of insertion of the seat-post into the bicycle frame heavily affects the duration (and success) of the operation
  • size: 200 ml
  • made in Italy