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Packed with more calories and more electrolytes than your standard gels, with a light, isotonic formula that’s easy to consume, the First Endurance Liquid Shot is the most advanced performance fuel for immediate energy and cramp prevention.

Incorporating the latest fuel-source technology and blending complex carbs for prolonged energy with high-glycemic carbs for fast uptake and immediate use, the Liquid Shot provides an emergency lifeline to replenish flagging energy levels and support high-output, high-intensity efforts better than gels.

Without thickening agents that make gels hard to ingest and slow to digest, Liquid Shot's light formula is optimally balanced in a 10% isotonic solution to eliminate GI distress. It also goes down quick and easy, meaning you don't need to swallow a whole water bottle just to get the fuel in your system.
  • volume: 44g per shot
  • mixture of complex and high-glycemic carbs for both fast acting and prolonged energy
  • all five electrolytes for improved nutrient uptake and cramp prevention
  • no thickening agents lowers GI stress and prevents interference with breathing or swallowing common to gels and chews